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Solely on Big Island, the largest island in the Hawaiian island chain, there are nearly 100 homeless children plus around 200 homeless families with children. In addition, around 160 children live in institutions, group homes, and foster families. Approximately 30% of the population is entitled to get food vouchers. Around 300-600 free meals are given out every day. Contrary to what you might think, “hang loose” (“Shaka” gesture) does not apply to all Hawaiians.


Like probably most of you, I have always associated Hawaii with white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and pure zest for life! This idea was even reinforced by my enthusiasm for sports, especially triathlon, because the impressions of the Ironman World Championship held annually in Kailua-Kona are overwhelming.

Christian Schmid


My image of Hawaii got the first cracks from a podcast in April 2020 when Franz Weber, who emigrated to Hawaii almost 30 years ago, talked about his local social commitment. This talk made me donate money to his organization Paying it Forward.

Some months later I heard Franz a second time in a podcast when he described the massive effects of the corona pandemic on the local situation. My first impulse was to donate again, but during my “long run” the mental cinema started and at the end of my training session I was certain: I don't just want to donate money anonymously again, I want to make a lasting difference!

The tireless efforts for the most vulnerable among us touched me so much that I contacted Franz the same day ... in my luggage nothing less than the vision of creating a financial basis for as many children, mothers or families as possible on which they can independently build a better future.

Franz told me with great passion, heart and soul about the many projects that he has already supported with his organization. One of them is about a young mom who lives with her child in a car, or about a mother with a little child who has left an abusive home to start a new life completely penniless. Another time about a father of a family who lost his job overnight and doesn't know how to get his family a warm meal.


This conversation and the described fate encouraged me to put my idea into practice and I founded the association TransFAIRiert e. V., which raises funds out of Germany for our local partners Paying it Forward (projects and donations) and Neighborhood Place of Kona or Project Hawai'i Inc. (sponsorships).

The circumstances are often diverse, but the help that is provided is always very specific. We continuously report on our website what is happening with the funds and which projects we are currently focusing on. I am constantly in contact with our local partners so that we can help quickly and unbureaucratically exactly where help is urgently and uncomplicatedly needed. In addition, both Franz and I take over all administration costs thus your support arrives one-to-one.

If you are touched by these topic, too and convinced of our approach, we would be more than happy to have you on board ... through a donation or even by taking on a sponsorship.

And if you think your contribution won’t make a difference anyway, always remember:

 "Each one of us has the power to change the world." - Yoko Ono


Chairman of the Board

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