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Support the children in Hawaii with us!

We help children on site

Children cannot grow up happy and carefree in every country in the world. Especially in Hawaii, the conditions are often very poor, which means that the childhood of too many is characterized by poverty, exploitation or even abuse.

Often, the bare minimum is missing, so that enough food, appropriate clothing, toys or even the permanent opportunity to attend school is not even an option. But education could help to break this vicious circle in order to live a self-determined life afterwards.

The association TransFAIRiert e. V. has set itself the task of giving these children and young people a perspective and supports in various places.

We would be delighted if you become a part of this initiative.

For us it is the most personal way to help, because this is how you give your commitment a face. It is not unusual 

for sponsorships to lead to lifelong friendships.

Become a sponsor just for a 1 € per day.

In cooperation with our local partners, who take care of the entire process on site, we present you the current projects here, that are close to our hearts and that you can support.

You can decide whether you want to make a one-time or a reocurring donation. The money is used to help situational, non-bureaucratic and quick.

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